My English learning journey started when I entered kindergarten at 6 years old. Both of my parents do not know English and it was difficult learning it from scratch. I remembered that once we had to use a spelling software on the computer and I could not even spell simple words like ‘lion’, I kept trying different permutations to get the right answer. I had tuition classes for English for the whole of my primary and secondary school life, however I felt that they did not have much help and was a waste of money.

I obtained a ‘B3’ for my O’ levels English paper and a ‘D’ for the A’ levels GP paper. I think that my grammar is fine but I am lacking in vocabulary. My teachers mostly commented that my essays lacked development. One of my classmates in secondary school said that my situational writings had minimal grammatical errors, but he felt that the content is uninteresting and “too safe”. These are indeed very accurate feedbacks, due to the fact that I do not read a lot and even if I do, the ones I read are in mandarin.

Since primary school, I have always preferred doing compositions to writing essays as there is much less writing, due to the fact that the former is question-and-answer based while the latter is mostly on opinions and contents.

I feel that this module will be extra and unnecessary workload as it contributes 0 modular credits to the university requirements and not everyone needs to take it. It is also unlucky for me to have missed out on just one grade to be exempted from this module. However I definitely hope to benefit from it if I have to spend time on it, and one of the goals I hope to achieve is to be able to understand abstract sentences and texts much more easily.